Trump Suggests Orlando Tragedy Must Be Called “Radical Islamic Terrorism”

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GOP front-runner Donald Trump has gotten a lot of flak for some of the ridiculous statements he’s made this campaign season, including that women who seek abortions should be punished, and that Mexico should pay for a wall at the U.S. border. There’s no shortage of lists of the shocking things he’s said.
But Trump isn’t the only 2016 candidate to make erroneous claims on the campaign trail. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the Reagans “started a national conversation” about HIV and AIDS, and she later walked back her statement, calling it a “mistake.” According to The New York Times, Ronald Reagan didn’t give a speech about the disease until 1987, when an estimated 40,000 people had already died of AIDS.
And Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders thought New York City's subway system still used tokens.
We’ve rounded up some of the most outlandish, surprising, and just plain false claims the 2016 candidates have made during the current campaign season. To err is human — but there are some serious whoppers here…
Molly Horan contributed reporting.

Editor's note: This slideshow was originally focused on Trump's quotes on the campaign trail. It has been expanded to include the other four candidates still in the running.

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