6 Times People Flipped About Lady Body Hair For No Good Reason

Photo: TONY KYRIACOU/REX Shutterstock.
Though it's been more than a century since Gillette started marketing razors to women, ladies still feel enormous pressure every time they step into the shower to keep their skin baby-smooth. The majority of women in the U.S. shave regularly to adhere to a perceived standard of what femininity is "supposed" to be. In fact, the average woman shaves 12 times a month. We've got to hand it to Gillette — that's a ton of razors.
But, there has always been a contingency that chooses not to shave body hair. Whether it's about sexual identity, gender identification, a general IDGAF attitude toward body hair, or just embracing your right to be feminine in any way you define it, more and more ladies are being forthright about this decision.
It's really no one's business why these women choose to ignore their razors. Our bodies are our bodies, thank-you-very-much — and no one has the right to tell us we're wrong, or gross, or whatever other unsolicited feedback people feel the need to dole out. As one of our contributors, Roxie Jane Hunt, brilliantly explained in an article on the topic: "You don't have to understand it...It is simply a choice made by a woman you have never met, regarding her body and how she chooses to use it, and it is not your place to judge that."
Unfortunately, many people have strong opinions when women don't shave. And, those opinions become magnified the second a famous face decides to embrace hers and not try to hide it. We've noticed a trend of this happening more in recent years: people collectively freaking out about lady body hair for no good reason.
Ahead, we outline a few of those instances. Click through and ask yourself: What's the big deal anyway?

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