20 Startling Pics To Show Anyone Who Doesn’t Think Climate Change Is Real

As the year draws to a close, It’s a time to look back on things that happened over the past twelve months. Over the next few days, we’ll be revisiting some of our favorite stories from throughout the year, and seeing again what they mean for 2015 in review.
This story was originally published on April 22, 2015.
Just this February, a man named Jim Inhofe tried to disprove the concept of global warming by bringing a snowball into the United States Senate. (Because, the fact that there still is winter means the climate isn't changing?)
Two things are worth pointing out: That man, Mr. Inhofe, happens to be a powerful U.S. Senator, and the Chair of the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. And, he's wrong: The climate is changing and human activity is to blame, at least according to 97% of all working climate scientists, the United Nations, the President of the United States and NASA...just to name a few.
This week, a group of insurance companies (including big guys like Allianz and Liberty Mutual) released a report calling on the government to better prepare for global-warming-related disasters. (Note: These are not hippie college students; they're insurance companies.)
But, despite the overwhelming evidence, there are still some people who need convincing (many of whom are in Congress). To help, and because it's Earth Day, we put together this slideshow as a reminder that climate change is real and needs to be taken seriously — by all of us.

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