10 Must-See Netflix Canada Releases To Watch This Weekend

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Seeing my first film in theatres post-COVID closure was a surreal experience. The wafting scent of the popcorn, the stickiness of the floors, eavesdropping people’s film reviews afterward — everything was so endearing. The day after Ontario eased restrictions and opened theatres up, I saw Zola. IMO, the film was stellar: hilarious, enthralling, and concise (it’s only 90 minutes). But it wasn’t just the Twitter thread-turned-feature film that charmed me. The environment was refreshing and reminded me why I love going to the movies in the first place: everything feels so grand in a theatre. As an added plus, it’s a social environment that requires very little effort. There’s no need for small talk in a theatre, right?
That being said, nothing compares to the coziness of an at-home movie night. You can put your feet up without fear of retribution and you can reply to texts without worrying that the person behind you will complain. Whether you’re hosting a group movie night or streaming solo from bed, there’s no shortage of fresh finds on Netflix Canada that stack up to what’s in theatres. If women-driven action films like Black Widow are your thing, you’ll enjoy Gunpowder Milkshake. If the car chases (and spaceship scenes) in F9 get you going, you’re in luck: most of Sky Rojos takes place on the road. Read on for the latest must-see additions to Netflix Canada’s roster this week.

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