Humidifiers Are A Skin Hydration Game-Changer — & Dyson's Is On Sale!

Heavy-duty lotions and creams can help with many skin woes, but even the best moisturizers won’t offer a complete defense against dryness and irritation in the winter months if your office or home environment has extremely dry air.
I learned this first-hand last year, when someone in our household experienced a bout of eczema and the dermatologist recommended a heavy-duty cream and a bedroom humidifier as the two main fixes (apparently the air is particularly parched in homes with radiator heating). After seeing the huge difference a $80 cool-mist machine made, we promptly bought two more humidifiers this winter.
There are many types of humidifiers — the two main categories are warm or cool mist — and prices can range widely depending on size and the unit’s additional features, but with countertop models you’ll want to find one that’s easy to clean, not too loud, and looks great in your space.
Click through to see three well-rated, sleek humidifiers that are on sale this week.

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