9 Ways To Have A Hands-Free Orgasm

Photographed By Lula Hyers.
There are many different kinds of orgasms: squirting orgasms, “nipplegasms,” even accidental orgasms. In fact, there are so many ways to come that you don’t even need to use your hands to do it. While your fingers can certainly help you come, maybe today, you just don’t want to get them involved. You might have just gotten a fresh mani but then suddenly felt the urge to masturbate. Or you might want your hands tied behind your back for some kinky fun. Whatever your reasons, there are many ways to come without using your hands. Here are some of them.

Find A Partner

You don’t need to use your own hands if your partner is using theirs — or their mouth. Have your partner tie your hands together, or simply hold onto your bed frame for a hands-off experience.

Use A Sex Toy

There are several hands-free vibrators on the market, such as Dame’s Eva II, which stays in place on your clit thanks to two “arms” that go under your labia. If you don't want to buy a new toy, you can turn on a larger vibrator, such as a Magic Wand, place it on your bed, and straddle it. 

Dry Hump Someone

Similarly, you can straddle your partner and dry hump their penis, strap-on, pubic mound, or thigh — or any other part of their body that feels good.

… Or Something

Remember what masturbation was like before you discovered sex toys? Grab a pillow or a stuffed animal, straddle it, and enjoy.

Have A Fantasy

Some people can think themselves to orgasm, so close your eyes and imagine your dirtiest fantasy — and try not to touch yourself.

Get In The Bathtub

Lie down in the tub and scoot your butt up against the side, so your vulva is positioned right under the faucet. The flow of the water might bring you to orgasm — just make sure you test the temperature before you get under.

Try For A “Coregasm”

Some people have spontaneous orgasms while working out — sometimes called “coregasms.” While these can happen during any exercise, people report it most often during abdominal exercises, followed by weight-lifting, yoga, bicycling, and running.

Get Erotic Hypnosis

Some people report experiencing mind-blowing orgasms while under erotic hypnosis, which is exactly what it sounds like: a trained hypnotist helps you experience your fantasies through mind control. 

Go To Sleep

If all that doesn’t work, take a nap — because people of all genders can orgasm in their sleep. Thinking sexy thoughts before you nod off might make this more likely to happen. If you wake up still sexually frustrated, it might be time to put your hands back in the game

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