These Are The Dating Trends To Look Out For In 2022

Photographed by Eylül Aslan
When it comes to dating apps, it pays to be as clued up as possible. That way, you can avoid all the worst trends like benching and that old festive favourite: snowglobing.
Bumble has just released its list of dating trends for 2022 and they make for pretty encouraging reading. Nearly half (48%) of the 8,500 users polled said the pandemic has made them question what their "type" is. This suggests people could take a more open-minded approach to swiping in 2022, a trend Bumble calls "explori-dating".
More than half of daters (53%) said the pandemic has made them realize it's perfectly all-right to be single for a while. A similar percentage (54%) said they intend to be more mindful and intentional in how and when they date. This suggests a more thoughtful approach to using dating apps, something that's very welcome indeed.
The pandemic also appears to have made people rethink what they're looking for in a partner. Nearly two thirds (61%) said they now prioritize emotional availability and nearly a quarter (24%) said they're less hung up on what someone looks like.
Meanwhile, more than a third of daters (34%) said they're more likely to go on a date that doesn't involve alcohol. So-called "dry dating" is especially popular among Gen Z, who are known for being the most conscious alcohol consumers.
Perhaps more controversially, the good old-fashioned PDA could be on the way back, with 68% of daters saying they're now open to public displays of affection again. Consider yourselves warned.
"As we head into the new year, our dating lives are a blank page, and this makes for an exciting time to try something new," said Naomi Walkland, Bumble's Head of UK and Ireland. "It could be changing what we prioritize in a partner, being more intentional about when we date, or just sharing the activities we love. With half of single people looking to ‘reset’ their dating, we anticipate that coming months will be big for romance."

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