The Major Hair Change I Made For Fall

Fall's here, and with a change in season comes the inevitable — and sometimes cliché — change in yourself. It's time to flip wardrobes from sundresses to sweaters, write down all your end-of-year goals, and maybe do a little something different with your hair. Whether you go to a salon, or snip your ends at home, this season is one that's all about embracing change. And, after over a year where many Canadians couldn't do much to their appearances (you know, that whole lockdown thing), this year, more than ever, is about embracing BIG change.
Maybe you want to try bangs (my personal Mount Everest), perhaps you want to rock a chic pixie cut (as a personal rebellion to the months you were forced to grow your hair out at home), or heck, maybe you even want to try PSL-coloured hair. (If Seth Rogen can rock a PSL suit to the Emmy's, you can 100% rock the tone on your head.)
Whatever that big change may be, we have three words for you: Go for it. (And obviously send us the after photos.) Here, we share some of the big hair changes people have made for fall — and of course, there's photos.

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