Of Course Kanye West’s First KUWTK Appearance This Season Was Related To A Makeover

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.
When news broke that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were getting a divorce after six years of marriage, their fans and followers were almost certain that the lead-up to the breakup would play out as a key storyline on the final season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians — after all, when has the reality family ever not displayed their personal business for the world to see? However, more than halfway through the season, we’re just now getting our first sighting of the spouses together, and Kanye’s cameo actually has nothing to do with his relationship drama.
After nine episodes, we’ve finally gotten our first appearance of the Life of Pablo rapper on this season of KUWTK, and while it’s not exactly the drama many were looking for, it’s pretty true to his brand. Kanye appeared on the most recent episode of the E! reality series to help his wife put together a special gift for her mother’s big 65th birthday. To celebrate Kris Jenner’s milestone age, Kim and stylist Danielle Levi dreamed an at-home curated museum gallery experience featuring 65 high-end designer outfits that she could integrate into her own closet.
Kim, a fashion expert in her own right, was excited but nervous about the scope of the present.
“I have never gone to this extent ever before to shop for someone, let alone style looks for someone," she admitted. "It's a lot because I want to make sure the stuff looks good on the mannequins."
Thankfully, she’s married to a whole fashion designer who, for better or for worse, has experience helping someone totally switch up their fashion. (Remember when Kanye infamously made Kim cry when he threw out her bandage dresses and 250 pairs of heels?). During the episode, Kanye was an active participant in preparing the “museum for KJ,” moving the many mannequins around their sprawling mansion as he saw fit. His eye and attention to details ultimately paid off because Kris was floored when she walked into the house. 
"I cannot believe what I am walking into," Kris shared tearfully in her confessional. "This is one of the biggest surprises I've ever had in my entire life. It's certainly so generous, so kind, but the time and the energy that Kim took is the most amazing gift I've ever seen in my life."
While the Kanye sighting was nice, it's of note that an at-home fashion museum is what it took for the musician to appear on the final season of his wife's reality show. Kanye has appeared on various episodes of KUWTK in the past, and viewers were certain that they would see some of the pressing issues that led to his split from Kim. His mother-in-law hinted that we might get a better understanding of the breakup this season, and KUWTK did reveal some of Kim's concerns about her marriage, but so far, the KimYe saga hasn't really played out on the show.
We've only got two more episodes to go before the show wraps for good — maybe they really are keeping their private lives private. Wow.

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