Timothée Chalamet Crashed SNL With A Weird Little Flute

Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
The April 10 episode of Saturday Night Live featured an epic surprise collaboration between Chris Redd, Pete Davidson, Kid Cudi — and a weird little flute.
In the "Weird Little Flute" sketch, the three men, who got the "fits," the "drip drip drip" and the "brut," rap over a “Xanned out tempo” about the funny little flute sounds that you hear in a lot of popular rap cuts. The song cites tracks like “Big Pimpin’,” “Sure Shot,” and “Mask Off" as songs that sure do love their weird little flutes.
In true SNL fashion, the musical sketch goes off the deep end for a bit as the guys describe how attached they are to their flutes as they take them to the club. They also praise their flutes' versatility, using them to pretend they're a wand-carrying Harry Potter, and to poke their grandma (Aidy Bryant) while she's sleeping. Then, at the end of the song, a zebra print-clad Chalamet makes a surprise cameo to toot his own weird little flute.
It may seem that these days, the Call Me By Your Name actor goes wherever Davidson does, but this SNL sketch is actually an even bigger reunion than that. This brings together the motley crew that gathered in 2019 for Kid Cudi's birthday party (minus Kanye West) and caused many on the internet — us included — to have a million follow-up questions. (Seriously, has Kanye seen CMBYN?)
It's the same gathering that caused Chalamet to nearly get a bad case imposter syndrome and completely lose his mind over the sheer star power in the room. As evidenced in the music video, though, Chalamet feels right at home with these big performers and their weird little flutes.
Watch "Weird Little Flute ft. Kid Cudi" below.

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