Netflix’s Latest Feature Feels A Lot Like TikTok

Photo: Courtesy of netflix.
After the release of its intuitive Downloads for You feature, Netflix is keeping the new features coming for mobile users, and its latest development may remind you another very popular app that you just can’t get away from.
At this very moment, Netflix has hundreds of comedy titles available; you can watch everything to stand-up comedy from your favourite funny people to inappropriate but hilarious cartoons about puberty to slapstick murder mysteries starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. But if you don’t feel like sitting through a whole episode of Big Mouth (the show is a lot) or just want access to the best parts of a comedy special, new feature Fast Laughs has you covered.
Here's how it works: Fast Laughs provides easy access to Netflix’s expansive comedy catalogue, but breaks the projects down into bite size segments so that you can giggle on the go. Mobile users get an endless stream of curated comedy content as well as pick and choose what’s next on their list. The feature does look a lot like TikTok, with its full screen feed and sharing options on the side, but Fast Laughs isn't its own app. It’s all in the Netflix app waiting for you. Maybe TikTok will get into making movies next?
The new option is just the latest in a line of recent updates that Netflix has made to improve the viewing experience for mobile users. Mobile devices first got the ability to download Netflix content to watch offline back in 2016, and that feature has developed significantly since then. Smart Downloads deletes already watched episodes to preserve storage space, and Downloads for You automatically downloads new films and TV shows for you to watch on the move based off of the content you’re watching. 
Right now, the Fast Laughs tab is in the early stages and is only available on iOS device, but Androids will be able to tap into the good times very soon.

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