Who Are Big Mouth‘s Hormone Monsters & What Gross Things Do They Make Everyone Do?

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When you were going through puberty, did you ever feel wildly out of control of your behaviors and wish you had someone else to blame? Cue Big Mouth’s hormone monsters! The Netflix show personifies the awkward, disgusting, and deeply uncomfortable experience of hormone changes that occur during puberty by portraying hormones as monster characters. 
The hormone monsters — so far there are only a handful who are serving most of the main characters — offer all of the bad sexual and emotional advice that hormones in overdrive encourage. Basically it’s all the wild stuff you read about on Reddit, such as masturbating to your friend’s sister, screaming at your mom in teenage girlhood rage, and dry humping your first girlfriend during a dance. 
Curious about all the different hormone monsters and all the gross things they make the teens of Big Mouth do? Read our guide below.

Hormone Monstress Connie

Hilariously voiced by SNL alum Maya Rudolph, Connie is the first female hormone monster to make an appearance in the show. Connie first visits Jessie Glasser (voiced by Jessi Klein) after she has her first period and experiences the emotional turmoil of discovering her parents are getting a divorce and that her mother is dating a woman.
Highlights of Connie wreaking havoc with Jessie include causing her to have frequent emotional meltdowns, encouraging her to make out with Jay despite knowing that Jay is kind of gross, and enabling Jessie to engage in overreactions to every slight from any other person, such as gossiping due to jealousy and causing a girl fight. 
In season 2, the show acknowledged that not every man has super masculine energy, and thus Connie also became the hormone monster of Nick (voiced by Nick Kroll).

Hormone Monster Maurice 

Maurice, or Maury, is the other main hormone monster and is also voiced by Kroll. Maury is the hormone monster of Andrew, and encourages pretty much all of the show’s hypersexualized behavior. Highlights include getting Andrew to masturbate at the most random and ridiculous times, sexualizing nearly everything (including a severed head), being LGBTQ+ friendly by helping Andrew figure out his sexuality, and becoming the hormone monster of one of the only main gay characters, Matthew (voiced by Andrew Rannells).
Maurice also at some point had a relationship with Connie, but things apparently didn’t work out due to Maurice trying to be too controlling. 

Hormone Monster Ricky

Ricky is the oldest and perhaps original hormone monster in the lore of the series and is yet another character voiced by Kroll. Ricky was originally the hormone monster of Nick, until Nick goes through an existential crisis about his sex drive and Ricky is way too old to assist with Nick’s more feminine energy. He’s better suited to be the hormone monster of emotionally immature Coach Steve, who is also voiced by Kroll. 
Highlights include being useless most of the time and simply shrugging and saying his catchphrase, “What are you gonna do?” Ricky even used this phrase when he decided to retire, forcing Nick to find a new hormone monster via the Department of Puberty.

Hormone Monster Tyler 

In the same vein of Ricky’s uselessness, Tyler also is pretty bad at encouraging hormonal behavior. Tyler is voiced by John Gemberling, and he only manages to survive five episodes as the replacement monster for Nick before being fired. Tyler is fired from his duties as a hormone monster because he started working with the Shame Wizard, a personification of personal shame that discourages all the impulses hormones usually encourage. 
Highlights include awkwardly approaching Maurice as a fan, and almost ruining Nick’s first makeout session with inappropriate suggestions.

Hormone Monster Gavin

While hunting for a new hormone monster after the failure of Tyler and retirement of Ricky, Nick observes hormone monster Gavin at the Department of Puberty. Gavin is voiced by Bobby Cannavale, and is the most hypermasculine hormone monster of all hormone monsters. In his one and only appearance on the show, he comes off as a what we might call a Wall Street Bro. He’s so rude when Nick meets him that Tyler even suggests that he’s scaring Nick away. Luckily for Nick, Connie ends up being assigned to him instead of douchebag Gavin.

Hormone Monstress Mona 

Added in season 3 and voiced by goddess Thandie Newton, Mona becomes the hormone monster of Missy (voiced by Jenny Slate) and immediately is characterized as even more hypersexual than Connie. Highlights include encouraging Missy to date guys back-to-back and lie about when it happened to avoid seeming like a cheater, and making Connie uncomfortable with her sexual advances by licking her arm and ear.
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