5 Spring Hairstyle Trends That Will Become Zoom Go-Tos

Photo: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Tiffany & Co.
Unsurprisingly, many of us are feeling frustrated with our hair right about now. On the rare day it's falling just right, you don't see anyone; when you really need it to look good for a work presentation or a heated-patio date, your roots are greasy or your box braids could use a touchup, at which point you're forced to resort to the easiest pulled-back options, like a bun or head wrap. Throw in the fact that you're staring at your Zoom reflection for the umpteenth time, and even your most foolproof go-tos start to seem a little tired.
To help solve a universal problem, we scoured Instagram and talked to professional stylists who provided us with some thought starters on fresh approaches to doing our hair for spring 2021. All are pretty easy, no matter if your ends are three months past due for a trim or if you have a short style that just needs a little je ne sais quoi with the help of accessories. Whether for Zoom, FaceTime, or your next sidewalk brunch, find your hair-refresh guide, ahead.

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