Sweet Digs Is Coming To Canada! Submit Yours Now

As someone famous at some point in history once said: The eyes are the window to the soul. The idea being that you can tell a lot about a person — their most profound thoughts and innermost feelings — by staring deep, deep into their irises. Not only is it an idiom that, in the world of 2021’s virtual connections is highly uncomfortable (I’m sorry, prolonged eye contact? In this economy?), but it’s also just straight up incorrect. Because if you’re looking to find out everything you need to know about someone, be it a BFF, co-worker, or potential paramour, the true measure of a person is whether or not they have a top sheet on their bed (or, like Love Is Blinds Mark Cuevas, have sewage-coloured sheetsthe horror.) TL;DR: You can learn a lot about someone by peering inside their home
And, you can just learn a lot in general. Be it the latest in home decor trends, how to milk a limited budget for all it's worth, or how to make that closet-sized apartment with no kitchen work for you. 
Enter: Sweet Digs, the Refinery29 video series that launched in the U.S. in 2017 to give our audience a realistic look inside the homes — and by extension the lives — of people across the country. The franchise, which started off featuring R29 staffers in their New York and L.A. apartments, has evolved since its inception, branching out across the country, into satellite cities and the homes of their fellow Americans (as well as a few flats across the pond). Subjects have included everyone from a Dallas-based PhD student who built her own combination bed frame and dog crate with an A+ IKEA hack to a woman whose $500,000 Los Angeles home became a sanctuary after a car accident left her paralyzed. 
And now, Sweet Digs is officially coming north of the border. Launching this spring in partnership with IKEA (the holy grail of affordable, sustainable home decor), Sweet Digs Canada will pull back the curtain on living spaces across the country. While we can’t promise to take you inside Drizzy’s sad-boy mansion, we can show you how your fellow Canadians eat, sleep, work and binge Netflix
Sweet Digs is an authentic, all-access pass into the inner lives and spaces of complete strangers, previously not seen outside an AirBnB listing and will provide a snapshot of modern Canadians and how we live. It’s a video journal of current trends, social issues, and ever-increasing rents at a time when both the meaning and purpose of our homes has changed dramatically. Plus, it’s fun to be nosey. 
Do you live in Canada and have some sweet digs you want to share? We want to see them! Submit your space here for a chance to be featured.

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