Your Money Horoscope For 2021 Is Here

If 2020 was a year to bring us to our lowest point, then 2021 starts out with a sense of rugged determination. There's a way through our financial mess — though it won't come without effort. 
Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, met with Saturn, the Planet of Authority, on December 21, 2020. History tells us that during one of their previous meetings, in the sign of balanced Libra, we were presented with Reagan’s trickle-down economics. The theory appeared fair on its face (more for me means more for you eventually, right?), but decades of practice tells us it was anything but. The proposition may very well have led us to our current economic crisis, where inequality and disparity is rampant and labour rights are crushed for the benefit of big Capricornian Corporations, who made out quite handsomely in 2020. 
This time, however, our planetary players meet in the air sign Aquarius, whose interests lie in democracy, humanitarianism, and freedom. Here, collectivism, community, and progressive thinking is the way forward, and considering the whole comes ahead of individual ambitions. In other words, money-making schemes that cause harm or jeopardize the health and safety of the collective won't gain much traction. More of us may begin to turn away from working for large corporations, as more local, community-driven enterprises take root in response to the increasingly localized economy. 
Karmically, thanks to the current position of the Lunar Nodes and their accompanying Eclipses, industries related to the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius are being highlighted for our review, including travel, postal systems, higher education, media, international relations, and electronics. We’re being asked to consider what we need to leave in the past as we look to new solutions and innovations to rebuild our finances in 2021. 
Swipe through to scope out your sun sign and moon sign, but to get an accurate sense of what the year ahead holds for your cash, also be sure to read your rising sign, which you can calculate here


– March 21 to April 19 –

With Saturn and Jupiter finally gone from your 10th house of career and reputation on December 17 and 19, respectively, you can let out a tiny sigh of relief, Aries. You've come up against formidable bosses, foes, and other extreme expressions of power players over the last few years and it's made you stronger. Congratulate yourself for overcoming those odds — but make it quick, because your next financial adventure starts out with you in the driver’s seat. Venus, the ruler of your Money Sector, will dance through Capricorn and Aquarius at the beginning of the year, helping you use your charm for financial gain. This is a time for innovation, Ram. Those high-tech, out-of-the-box ideas you have about making life more expedient are needed, and they can wind up being lucrative for you. In mid-July, a fixed T-Square involving Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Venus ushers in a potent creative and collaborative energy. Take advantage: What you dream up may just strike gold. 


– April 20 to May 20 –

You're being called up present to the class, Taurus. After years of hammering out a philosophy and worldview that suits you, the time has arrived to take the skills and knowledge that you've acquired and apply them professionally. Mercury is the ruler of your Money Sector, and as a result your mind works swiftly when it comes to creating income. This year when the Planet of Communication retrogrades in February, June, and October (each for about three weeks at a time), he wants you to pay special attention to your public reputation and how it influences your finances. These are times to ask yourself how you want to represent yourself on a public stage. If you shy away from sharing your work openly, reconsider: Doing so could influence your income in a positive way. 2021 is a time to lean into your creativity and passion. This will remind you that you’ve got the talent and the skills to create financial security for yourself. It’s new territory for you, but stay the course, even when things seem a little rocky. Patience will ultimately reward you. 


– May 21 to June 20 –

With the Moon, the fastest moving celestial body in the heavens, as the ruler of your Money Sector, it's no surprise that your income fluctuates as easily and rapidly as Lady Luna. In previous years, most of your energy was devoted towards building the self-worth and confidence necessary to make good money. You've learned that stepping out on the right foot with your head up makes a world of a difference when closing a deal or demanding better compensation for your work. This year, your biggest financial gains and losses will come down to your commitment to your ambitions and your leadership skills. The Solar Eclipse going off in your chart on June 10 will be pushing you to be less lost in the sauce and more ready to lead at a moment’s notice. Use that quick wit and sharp mind to your advantage and assert yourself, then watch your income grow. Just be mindful of partnerships, Gemini. Partners of all kinds are leaning heavy on you for guidance and even financial assistance, so don’t fall into monetary straits attempting to take care of everyone’s needs ahead of your own. 


– June 21 to July 22 –

In the upcoming year, your financial success will lie in the details and taking extra care of you, Cancer. The brief lesson in managing shared assets and other people’s money or valuables you received last spring when Saturn temporarily passed into your 8th house of inheritance is now a more semi-permanent fixture in your life, as both Jupiter and the ringed planet settle into this house for the next year (for Jupiter) or 2.5 years (for Saturn). This transit can bring about uncomfortable situations like debt, taxes, death, or divorce that can make dealing with related monies both a burden and a blessing, depending on how you manage yourself. Mitigate undue stress by setting up systems that support you in making your finances as simple as possible. That could mean downloading apps to manage your funds or setting up a chat with a financial advisor about long-term planning. The less energy you spend stressed about money the better, as the rest of your chart is pointing towards needing more time alone to rest and recuperate. Take extra care, Cancer. 2021 is a year where burnout, injury, and changes in employment can feature for you. Create a cushion for yourself if possible by removing yourself from negative unhealthy work environments. Look into positions that allow you to work peacefully behind the scenes, away from bosses and colleagues. 


– July 23 to August 22 –

Keeping your eye on Mercury is the key to understanding your finances, Leo. As the ruler of your 2nd house of money and income, whatever the Winged Messenger gets up to has an impact on your bottom line. Money comes easiest for you when you draft out a plan and pay attention to the details, assuring that your riches aren’t squandered away while you aren’t paying attention. With that in mind: Money flows when you turn on your charm and social skills as Mercury retrogrades through all the air signs during the months of February, June and October, asking you to talk and even sing for your supper. People want to hear from you — and they’ll hopefully pay you for your thoughts and ideas, so give them what they want. Consider any opportunity that allows you to teach, speak, travel or Zoom with the public, as building up your networks will help keep you financially secure. It may feel unfamiliar to not go it alone, Leo, but this year, try leaning on your village to make your money goals come to fruition.


– August 23 to September 22 –

In May and June of 2020, the Venus retrograde led to a major career evaluation for you, Virgo, and how it went will inform how 2021 goes for you. But let’s stick with what we know, shall we? You’re skilled, multi-talented, and aren't afraid of hard work, and with that energy on your side it's hard to go wrong. Venus, your Money Sector ruler, joins Jupiter and Saturn in February, making it an excellent time to send out resumes or take on extra responsibility at your current job. Venus lends you additional charm and grace at work. Use this to your advantage and by mid-May you could find more income coming in due to a promotion or acclaim for your work. Go forth confidently, Virgo. You got this. 


– September 23 to October 22 –

Last year was focused on helping you cut cords with the people and things that no longer align with your values and interests, Libra. For you, the art of making money has to excite you and even turn you on. When you’re passionate about your work, you light up and draw financial opportunities towards you like moths to a flame. You thrive on good vibes and work well with others, but after 2020’s series of unfortunate events you may find that you need to shift gears to find new people and projects to invest your energy in. Don’t fret as Mars, your money and income ruler, spends the majority of the spring aligning you to your true passions. Jupiter and Saturn start a new cycle in your 5th house of creativity and children, so consider ways in which you can be of service by using your natural gifts of bringing people together even if we are at a distance. Abundance for you may lie in bringing hope and joy to others who need it most. 


– October 23 to November 21 –

If you heeded the advice given to you last year, Scorpio, you should be in good shape to kick off 2021. This year sees Jupiter, the ruler of your Money Sector, moving into your 4th house of home and family, giving you opportunities to make your personal space a power spot for income. This could mean many things: You might find yourself working from home exclusively, or shifting into a career that's centered around opening up a home business, real estate, family services, or hospitality to give you a few ideas. Jupiter dips into creative Pisces from mid-May until July, indicating that you may have a chance to earn some cash through work related to arts, youth, or leisure activities. Think outside the box, Scorpio. Where there’s pain, there’s an opening for healing, and if you can find a way to lift people's spirits in dark times you’ll strike gold. 


– November 22 to December 21 –

2021 brings reasons to be hopeful about finances, Centaur. With Saturn, the planet of restrictions, moving on from your Money Sector from December 17, 2020, you should feel a little less tight in the wallet — so long as you commit to being responsible about your money. Think of it this way, Sag: You win when you trim. As luck would have it, Saturn, also the ruler of your Money Sector, joins Jupiter in forward-thinking Aquarius, bringing about an influx of innovative ideas and radical schemes to generate more income. The key is to think outside of the box and be willing to promote yourself locally to those who may need your services and skill sets. Use your natural talents as a communicator, educator, and hype-person to get your name out there and see what comes back to you. Work your networks, Centaur, get your closest friends, family, and neighbors involved, as they’re especially important in helping you create income for yourself. Lean on others’ support, and say yes to the invitations to speak and write about subjects that get your mind going. All you have to do is show up and wow everyone with your intellect and humour — and the money should start to flow in.


– December 22 to January 19 –

You should feel proud of yourself for withstanding those brutal Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto transits from 2020, Capricorn. You've matured tremendously over the past year, and as a reward, 2021 offers you the opportunity to see your finances level up a notch. As a perpetual student of Saturn's School of Hard Knocks, you will have to dig deep and push yourself if you want to see your bottom line improve. Luckily, Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance and Expansion, will be lending his support alongside Saturn in your 2nd house of money and income. This means you'll have the planetary equivalent of Santa Claus in your corner, cheering you on to take risks and lean on optimism a little more often. You'd also do well to make time for your creative pursuits, Seagoat. All the projects that were waylaid by last year's events deserve another chance. It's likely there's at least one that can add a little cash to your life if you have fun with it. 


– January 20 to February 18 –

2021 is a big year for you, Water Bearer. With Saturn and Jupiter moving into your sign this moment in time should feel like a relief after many years of heavy Capricorn fears weighing heavy on your mind behind closed doors. Hopefully you're feeling more confident in your dreams of helping others. Jupiter, the ruler of your Money Sector, moves into Aquarius from December 19 and joins up with Saturn, creating a fresh new cycle for you both personally and financially. Your financial security is directly linked to how much hard work and effort you put into making your ambitions come to fruition. You are the Captain of this ship, so lean into that newfound confidence by asking yourself: What do you want to do to make money? Energetically, this is a time for you to get away from dissolving into the crowd and stand out on your own creative merits for a change, without being afraid of taking up too much space. It's safe to be seen for your talents. This is a new beginning for you. Of course, there will be natural ebbs and flows that you'll have to manage before you see true progress. But Jupiter dips into Pisces from May to July to give your Money House a fresh pump of optimism and abundance. Good times are on the way.


– February 19 to March 20 –

Having Jupiter and Saturn take up residence in your 12th house of seclusion and Isolation will push you to reflect on your sense of faith and your desire to rescue the world from itself, sweet Pisces. This year, your financial energy is best served by not chasing after worldly ambitions and accolades. Instead, focus on healing those around you. After the year we survived, most people need someone to care for them in some way, a service your chart is primed to provide. On January 6, Mars, the ruler of your Money Sector, breaks away from his months-long journey through your 2nd house of self-worth to hunt for new experiences. Pay attention to opportunities that arise around family, caretaking, real estate, or selfless roles like counseling, herbalism, or astrology around mid-March, as Mars gets a cosmic power up to execute your financial desires around this time. It's a messy world, Pisces but there's still hope — so long as you're around to guide us through with compassion.

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