The Numerology Of 2022 Is Telling Us That The New Year Is Going To Be A Happy One

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When a new year is looming over us — as 2022 is right now— there's always an urge to try to peer in the future. We may make elaborate plans or resolutions to try to control the upcoming year, or read horoscopes, or visit a tarot reader. One of my favourite ways to see what's to come is numerology.
A quick refresher: Numerology is a belief system based around the idea that the numbers from one to nine have spiritual and symbolic meanings. To find the numerology of years, specifically, we calculate something called the Universal Year number. Felicia Bender, numerologist and author of Redesign Your Life: Using Numerology To Create the Wildly Optimal You and The Ultimate Guide to Numerology, previously told Refinery29 that the Universal Year number is an energetic presence, support system, or theme that all of us experience globally in a specific year.
The way to calculate this number pretty simple. You just add up all of the digits of a year. For example, 2022 would be 2+0+2+2 = 6. That means we're heading into 2022 with the magic number six as our guide, and trust us — things are already looking up from last year.
In 2021 we were led by the number five, which is a number that "kept us off-balance, out of sorts, and in constant frustration," says Seth Vermilyea, a medium and tarot card reader for "For many it could have felt like beating their heads against a wall." If that resonates with you, you're not alone. 2021 was a weird year mixed with uncertainty and disappointment, and heading into a new year with a shiny new Universal Year number could be just what we need to attract some fresh, positive vibes.
The energy that the number six gives us is kindness and stability, Vermilyea says. Because it's a little over halfway between the one-to-nine spectrum, it also indicates "gaining some wisdom and being prepared to use that knowledge to move forward," he explains. "It can also indicate challenges with responsibility, carelessness in relationships, and a lack of stability."
Ellen Ricks, monthly numerology writer for, says that six is often seen as the parent figure in numerology. "[It's] someone who gives us nurturing and compassion when we need it, but also some tough love when we need that too," she says. "Six is very family focused, so we may see people reconnecting with family members they haven't seen since the pandemic. Many people may be starting a family, or moving back in with their family." The family vibes are strong, and after the back-to-back dumpster fires of 2020 and 2021, this energy feels incredibly welcome. We could all benefit from making our connections more meaningful this year, so set a reminder to call up your loved ones and spend some safe, quality time with one another.
So the Universal Year number for 2022 is positive. So is its repetitions of the number two — it's what's known as an angel number, and there are three in the year. "In numerology, two is the number of balance — the peacekeeper, if you will," says Ricks. "Two's have the ability to bring compromise to two very different sides in order to find common ground. This could potentially be a unifying year, which is comforting as we are living in a time where we are pretty divided on so many issues."
Zeljko Tomovic, astrologer and numerology expert for Nebula, seconds the notion that the numerology of 2022 indicates the year will be all about unity, family, and relationships. "It's not bad to start a relationship now or to decide that it is truly high time for us to get married after a long-term relationship, especially because number two is also related to partnerships and unions," he says. "But what's important to note here is that this year will make us aware of how good and honest our relationships are in life." Tomovic says that even if our most important partnerships end in a separation this year, that just means they weren't worthy enough in the first place.
2021 brought us a lot of change, and the main themes as we move into the new year are healing and reinvention. "We are all slowly rising from the ashes and starting to rebuild our lives," says Ricks. "We may feel more idealistic, especially when it comes to building our communities." Overall, Ricks says that 2022 is not a "me" year — it's a "we" year.

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