The Numerology Rule That Can Reveal The Future Of Your Year

Photographed by Rochelle Brock.
It might feel like a decade has gone by since January, but this year is just getting started — and, when viewed through a spiritual lense, we still stand to learn a lot from 2018. Within the practice of numerology, every calendar year is associated with a single-digit number known as the Universal Year number. Each number, from one to nine, indicates a set of feelings, opportunities, and challenges that we may encounter in the next 12 months.
"The Universal Year is the energy everyone on the planet experiences," says numerologist Felicia Bender. Of course, she adds, the year will feel different on an individual level, but knowing the Universal Year will give you a better idea of the areas of your life that may need extra attention.
For example, we are currently in a two Universal Year, since 2018 reduces down to the number two (2+0+1+8 = 11, and 1+1 = 2). According to Bender, this number is associated with love, harmony, and support — but those warm and fuzzy feelings won't appear out of thin air. More accurately, this year will see us working to find the strength and patience needed to collaborate with others.
Bender adds it's also significant that 2018's initial reduction is 11, which is known as a "master number" in numerology. Without getting too in-the-weeds, master numbers are double-digit numbers that consist of a repeated single digit (so 22 and 33 are also master numbers).
When a master number comes up in Universal Year calculations, Bender says it's a sign that this year may be particularly demanding, presenting us with conflicts, challenges, and calls to action we might not normally encounter. So, there's a chance that 2018 feels tougher than previous years (color us not-so-shocked).
We still have a ways to go before New Year's Eve, but there's nothing wrong with being prepared for the years ahead. Read on to learn more about what each Universal Year number stands to teach us.

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