Your Relationship With Money Might Have Been Written In The Stars

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As astrology enthusiasts, we look to the stars for answers, guidance, and, let's be real, something to blame for our problems here on Earth. If you're anything like us, a good share of your everyday woes (besides the ones that have to do with dating) have to do with money. Lucky for us, there absolutely is a point on our birth charts that indicates just how heavily financial matters weigh on our shoulders: the second house.
You might already be familiar with the houses of the Zodiac — the 12 sectors of your birth chart that each rule a different area of your life, like your relationships, career, or, in the case of your second house, your belongings, income, and sense of comfort. The planets and their related signs that happen to be aligned with this house determine how these things affect your life.
For example, having Saturn in your second house or Capricorn aligned with your second house suggests that you're very responsible with your money and like to earn it though hard work. You might not be the most generous person, but you know the real value of your belongings and, with that in mind, make very sensible choices about sharing your wealth. Cap's fellow earth signs, Taurus and Virgo, will have similar effects on the second house, though the latter may be the cause of the occasional splurge.
Speaking of impulsiveness, fiery influences (Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius) on the second house can result in a reckless attitude toward money. On one hand, astrologer Alyssa Sharpe writes, an Aries- or Leo-aligned second house could reflect greediness or a desire to prove oneself through spending. On the other, she adds, people with Sagittarian second houses are probably more than happy to spread their wealth around. Either approach shows a lack of foresight that some might already associate with fire signs.
Meanwhile, a Libran or Venusian second house can suggest a sort of greed, though it won't look the same as Leo's desire to simply amass wealth. Having a second house that's aligned with Libra (or one that hosts Venus) can prompt you to pursue only the finest, prettiest belongings and then show them off for all to see. Astrologer Bob Marks writes that this type of second house may have an effect on one's dating life, too, as it can lead those with it to equate gifts with affection.
Of course, this is astrology, where complications abound. It's totally possible to have a seemingly responsible second house placement and still be someone who carries a major balance on their credit card — you probably just don't feel great about those less-than-stellar money habits. The thing that your second house might reveal is simply your relationship with money (how you feel about it and how you try to use it), not your absolute destiny when it comes to income.
If you feel like your second house doesn't paint the full picture of how you relate to and use money, you're right. Check out where Venus is on your chart and what planets may be hanging out in Taurus. This planet and this sign both have attachments to the material world — how they function in your chart can add more complexity to this decidedly complicated area of our lives. Then, if you're still craving more details, we recommend getting in touch with an astrologer who can do a full and informed reading for you. Or, why not consult a money witch?
Whether you find your second house placements to be completely or barely accurate, never forget: Nothing in your chart can justify bad or irresponsible behavior in real life. Even someone with Leo on the cusp of their second house can Venmo their friends for their half of the bill.

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