As Mercury Enters Sagittarius, Prepare To Feel Impulsive

Photo: Getty Images.
Mercury is not in retrograde right now — but it is moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius. On December 9, the speediest planet will move into the sign of the Archer, where it will stay until December 28. Mercury and Sagittarius aren’t a natural fit, so prepare for some restlessness during this time. 
“Mercury is not a fan of being in the sign of the Archer, because this placement doesn’t allow inquisitive Mercury to view facts,” astrologer Lisa Stardust tells Refinery29. “Rather, it allows investigations to be broad and communication to be fiery and impulsive. Mercury in Sag is very blunt and to the point, as well as a bit defensive and antagonistic.” Imagine Sagittarius slinging arrows. “Don’t forget Sag is the only sign of the zodiac armed with a weapon. It can shoot straight to the heart of the matter — without remorse,” Stardust says. 
Mercury is the planet of communication and in Sagittarius, it’s “a bit of a wild card,” adds Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer at “Mercury is considered ‘at its detriment’ in Sagittarius and is not totally comfortable in this energy, but this doesn’t mean things will take a negative turn,” she says. “In Sagittarius, Mercury worries about the bigger picture of things but can lose track of smaller but important details.”
On the plus side, “Mercury in Sagittarius is associated with optimism and the spreading of knowledge, which can have a great deal of depth,” Hale adds. “This is an outgoing time, and socializing with others will come easier than normal.” Great news for holiday party season. And because of Sagittarius’ status as a mutable sign (one that falls at the end of a season and is adaptable to change), “our mindsets will be more open to new ideas and situations,” Hale says.
Thanks to Neptune’s position in the cosmos, “this time around, Mercury will be erratically reacting to half-truths,” Stardust adds. “We may opt to believe the lies we are told. Don’t worry, the truth will make their great reveal once Mercury enters Capricorn on December 28.”

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