The New Moon Is In Gemini, & There's No Limit To Your Dreams

Photographed by Megan Madden.
The new moon is back on June 3, and this time, it’s in Gemini. As you may know, the new moon is what we call it when the moon’s face is not visible from the earth. This happens when “the moon is smack dead center between the earth and the sun,” as astrologer Lisa Stardust puts it. “The light from the moon is obscured from the earth, because its illuminated side is facing away from us.”
The new moon occurs about once a month. In astrology, the new moon marks a new beginning. It’s a time for reflection, meditation, and planning ahead. On June 3, the moon and the sun will both be in Gemini, a sign known for its powers of communication and its sense of charm.
“This new moon is in the mutable and flexible sign of communication master Gemini, which will lend confidence and sincerity to all tasks at hand, mostly due to its alignment with the fortunate fixed star Aldebaran which is great because it’s a positive beginning to a new month,” says Stardust.
This means that it’s time to take a Gemini-style approach to your dreams and goals. “Under this luminary, connect to your dream. Talk about it. Meditate on it. Communicate. Share it with the world,” Stardust says.
During the new moon, others will be particularly receptive to your charisma. “Use the Gemini savvy charm to elevate your status and dazzle,” Stardust says. But do so with consideration. “Meditation and mindfulness is ideal, because we are dealing with an air sign planet.”
Astrologer Aliza Kelly, who runs a New Moon Workshop and Ritual, emphasizes the importance of reflection. “Since the moon isn't reflecting the sun's radiance, there's no nocturnal illumination during a new moon; the sky is completely dark. Likewise, this is an excellent time to direct your gaze inward, focusing on reflection, rumination, and manifestation,” she says.
During this new moon, pay attention to your words, whether spoken, written, or thought. “In the sign of chatty Gemini, communication is especially important during this lunar phase, so carve out time to explore your inner dialogue,” Kelly says. “Words are powerful, so whether you're writing your intentions in a journal or speaking your wishes aloud, specificity is key. Remember, general wishes yield general results, so don't be afraid to be precise when outlining your desires!”

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