Mercury Is Entering Gemini, Bringing Us Magician-Like Energy

Photographed by Megan Madden.
Gemini season begins on May 21st, and on the same day, Mercury enters Gemini. Fast-moving Mercury will stay in the Twins for less than two weeks, moving into Cancer on June 4. During this short time, expect to see a surge in quick-thinking, multi-tasking, and smooth-talking.
Along with communication, Mercury is associated with intelligence. So it makes sense that Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini, a sign known for its smart, energetic, chatty nature, as well as an adaptability that allows them to move seamlessly between groups.
When Mercury is in Gemini, expect a surge in energy and communication. “Mercury in Gemini acts like a magician, as it’s always able to use its chameleon-esque energy to navigate through different situations,” says astrologer Lisa Stardust. “Fast-thinking, with the innate ability to transform any situation, Mercury in Gemini is the multi-tasker and gets along with everyone due to its ability to see the flip side of every matter.”
However, there is a drawback — because of the positions of Jupiter (which is retrograde until August 1) and Neptune. Expect “uncertainty and indecisiveness as Jupiter retrograde and Neptune add confusion to Mercury’s decisions,” Stardust explains. “While normally Jupiter retrograde would allow Mercury to see the bigger picture through its opposition in the cosmos, this time around, illusive Neptune is adding pressure and emotions to the mix, forcing us all to stand still.” And although Mercury moves into Cancer on June 4, we’ll “be retracing some of these emotional steps mid-June, when Venus in Gemini hits the same points,” Stardust says.
Because of these complications, the benefits of Mercury in Gemini will be strongest early on. “The sweet spot is May 21st, when the Sun and Mercury first enter Gemini,” Stardust says. “That will bring clarity to us all, when they link up in the cosmos.”

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