What To Watch On Netflix Canada This Weekend

Photo: Courtesy of Sarah Shatz/Netflix
I would recommend that you watch Homecoming again, but it would be the third week in a row I yelled at you about Beyoncé and even I can admit that’s excessive. Instead, I’ve curated a list of movies and TV shows that are full of hilarious and talented women (like Beyoncé!) and a few less talented but adequately capable men (like Jay-Z). Okay, you got me. It’s all just an elaborate ruse to get you to watch Homecoming again. I’m KIDDING. My choices have nothing to do with Queen Bey or her documentary, promise, but they are still worthy of your time and attention. Here are my five picks to watch on Netflix Canada this weekend.
Last week, I shouted out The Perfect Date and its annoying tropes. Well, Someone Great is the perfect palate cleanser because the “gay best friend” in this movie is named Erin, she’s played by the amazing DeWanda Wise and she’s everything characters like this should be. She’s got her own love interest! And plot! And depth! It’s all very exciting. Aside from DeWanda’s scene-stealing performance, Someone Great is really fucking great because of its lead Gina Rodriguez, who is infectious and delightful in this role, and its delicious script by writer/director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson. Brittany Snow rounds out the trio of stars and is also a lovely addition to the cast. More than anything else, this movie is a love letter to female friendship, shattering all the rom-com stereotypes. It’s not about him at all but I have to point out that Lakeith Stanfield is so stupidly attractive in this role, I rewound every kissing scene multiple times. Don’t judge me.
Even if you didn’t buy your tickets to Avengers: Endgame weeks ago like I did, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a new film coming out to add to the expansive Marvel Cinematic Universe. The premiere was this week, and literally every single star in Hollywood showed up. The MCU had Twitter shook this week. Here’s my advice: refresh your memory of Thanos’s evil foolery with Avengers: Infinity War, then go to a theatre ASAP and watch Endgame before your timelines are full of spoilers.
Zac Efron had an interesting week. He premiered his new Netflix film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, where he plays serial killer Ted Bundy, in Europe. At the premiere, he told reporters that it was “impossible” to separate himself from the character when he wasn’t on set. Um, did Efron just tell us he’s a serial killer? Should we be worried? In other awkward Efron news, he dominated headlines this week because his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens revealed details of a fight they had on set of High School Musical. Mostly, Hudgens had very nice things to say about her ex but it’s probably still awkward to have everyone talking about your relationship that ended a decade ago. I was very much Team Zanessa in those days though so I’m all for the nostalgia. To watch Efron make out with someone who is not Vanessa Hudgens, and to tie you over until his disturbing Ted Bundy movie drops on Netflix, watch his mediocre rom-com That Awkward Moment. I’ve seen it more times than I will admit but that’s only because it also stars Michael B. Jordan.
Every time I sign into Netflix, a very hot brunette in black leather is speaking to me seductively and, well, it’s enough to make me interested in Bonding, a comedy about a student in NYC working as a dominatrix. Her best friends helps out as her assistant. It’s getting solid reviews and it’s a quick watch — every episode is only 20 minutes. I’m in, and only partly because of the leather.
This sketch comedy show is the latest Netflix watch to come highly recommended by all the TV critics I trust most. It stars Tim Robinson, former SNL writer. There are cameos by SNL staples like Andy Samberg (who is also a producer) Will Forte, Cecily Strong, and Vanessa Bayer, and an appearance by another Very Handsome Man, Steven Yeun, that pretty much sold me on the show. It’s been described as outlandish and “comedy perfection.” If you need a good laugh this weekend, this sounds like a safe bet.

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