Beyoncé's Homecoming Is Headed To Netflix & It Looks Like Her Most Personal Work Yet

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.
Beyoncé didn't have to give us a feature film about her historic performance at Coachella last year, but she did, because she's Beyoncé. After Us Weekly broke the news that Queen Bey would be releasing a project with Netflix, everyone's ears perked up. Now, we have the first trailer for the project, and it looks even better than we first anticipated.
Backed by the narration of Maya Angelou, the trailer gives us an inside look at the creative process, and physical preparation, that went into Beyoncé's landmark Coachella performance. An homage to Black history, and the traditions of Black colleges, Homecoming is not the new Lemonade, nor is it just a live recording of a stop on a tour (like Taylor Swift's Reputation, which is also streaming on Netflix) — instead, it's a full-blown look into one of the most memorable and iconic live performances of our lifetime. It's also important to note that right under the title are the words: "A film by Beyoncé." This is her creation, from start to finish, and this also means that Bey loves and appreciates cinema!
The trailer also features footage of Blue dancing (iconic), the twins, Rumi and Sir (!!), and Beyoncé getting emotional with Jay-Z. It's art at its finest.
Homecoming drops on Netflix April 17.

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