If You're Into Horoscopes, Should You Care About Meteor Showers?

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images.
The night sky is about to put all the Christmas lights on your block to shame. From late tomorrow night to early Friday morning, the Geminid meteor shower will be visible — and, according to the American Meteor Society, you won't want to miss it.
On AMS's site, the Geminids are noted for their brightness, intense colors, and their relatively slow velocity. That might not sound that exciting, but Space.com reports that this shower's speed actually makes it easier to see.
It goes without saying that a meteor shower is pretty darn dazzling for anyone who gets to watch it unfold, but the avid horoscope readers among us may be wondering if this astronomical event holds any astrological significance. After all, "Geminid" sounds a whole lot like "Gemini," right?
For what it's worth, some astrologers view meteor showers as signs that inspiration is about to strike or that major changes are on their way. But, there are others who don't even mention meteor showers in their regular star forecasts. If you wish to find meaning in them, you certainly can, but if you're already overwhelmed trying to keep track of every retrograde, eclipse, and lunar phase that comes your way, don't feel like you have to observe every meteor shower, too. And this shower gets its seemingly astrological name only because it appears to emanate from the constellation Gemini.
That said, you don't have to be seeking spiritual fulfillment to have a great time viewing the Geminids. According to NASA, the shower will start as early as 9 p.m. or 10 p.m., so you can catch a glimpse of its display before it gets too late. But, if you're prepared to stay up to see its peak, which EarthSky reports should be around 2 a.m. on both Thursday and Friday, NASA states that you'll be able to see 120 meteors per hour. And, according to Space.com, its timing is particularly well-suited for stargazers in North America.
So, if you're planning to watch the Geminids this week, pack your favourite blanket(s), make your warm beverage of choice, and set a reminder for when the moon sets in your area — and get ready to learn a whole new meaning to the phrase "merry and bright."

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