Everything We Know About Sandra Oh’s Killing Eve Season 2

Photo: Courtesy of Sophie Mutevelian.
Sandra Oh is entering the New Year with BSE — Big Superstar Energy. On December 12, the Killing Eve leading lady got a well-deserved Screen Actors Guild nomination for Best Actress In A Drama Series for her outstanding work on Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s BBC America thriller. The week before that SAG nod, Oh received a similar nomination for the 2019 Golden Globes. Plus, she’s also going to host the Golden Globes with Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Andy Samberg.
2019 has already been crowned the Year Of Oh.
With such an illustrious few weeks ahead for Eve Polastri’s portrayer, everyone is probably wondering about her much-celebrated series. After that bloody, alienating Killing Eve season 1 finale, where do Eve and Villanelle (a fantastic Jodie Comer, who deserves her own awards love) go in season 2? When will season 2 even premiere?
We went and found answers to those questions and more. Keep reading for everything you want to know about BBCA’s Killing Eve.
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When does Killing Eve season 2 premiere?

Right now, BBC America is remaining a little mysterious when it comes to that question. The network confirmed Killing Eve season 2 will premiere sometime during Spring 2019. But, beyond that very general detail, we’re in the dark.

It’s possible Killing Eve 2.0 will follow in its debut season’s footsteps and kick off during the first week of April, which would definitely count as a springtime premiere date. But does any series really want to tango in the ratings with Game Of Thrones?
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What do we know about Killing Eve season 2’s plot?

In the same vein as its return date, the Killing Eve team is only dropping breadcrumbs right now when it comes to its upcoming plot.

When we spoke to Jodie Comer ahead of her spy show’s premiere, she was most excited to delve into Vilannelle’s assassin-ready wardrobe in season 2. “I want to know what wigs she has. What more she has in that close,” the actress told R29. “I feel like it’s Narnia. There is so much in there that I feel is still to be explored.”

Comer told British Vogue something similar in October 2018, admitting she was looking forward to exploring the tension between her character’s new hitwoman persona and her initial identity, Oxana.
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What does the novel Killing Eve is based off of tell us about season 2?

For the record, Killing Eve is based off of a four-part novella series titled Codename Villanelle by Luke Jennings. While it’s unclear if Killing Eve will continue glean inspiration from Jennings’ work, it’s worth figuring out how the book versions of Villanelle and Eve may influence the BBCA proceedings.

In the third part of Codename, which is the most analogous for where we are in Killing Eve land, Villanelle travels to Shanghai to take down the leader of a group of elite hackers. Of course, Eve follows her prey to the Chinese city, determined to finally catch her.

Please, BBCA, transmit this kind of high spy drama directly into our eyeballs.
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Has the Killing Eve team headed to Shanghai yet?

No. Or at least paparazzi haven’t caught the crew in Asia yet. Instead, Oh and Comer have been spotted filming across Europe, hoping between Paris, London, and Amsterdam.

Maybe we’ll get to Shanghai for Killing Eve season 3?
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Will Villanelle & Eve finally figure out their complicated relationship?

It’s fair to assume these two crazy kids will never figure out if they respect each other, are in love with each other, or want to be each other. Or, all three.

Comer told Digital Spy, “Me and Sandra – we're always expected to have the answer, but we're still trying to figure it out … There is sexual chemistry and there is also platonic admiration and fascination."

As Comer (and on-set photos) confirmed, Villanelle and Eve will meet again. The actress added the pair will be "open to all [relationship] possibilities" in the future, so you should probably prepare for another tense make out scene.
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Will there be any surprise returns?

This tweet noticed Vilanelle’s handler Konstantin Vasiliev (Kim Bodnia) was caught on-set during season 2 filming. That either means Konstantin didn’t die in season 1, despite Eve’s shady M15 boss Carolyn Martens (Fiona Shaw) confirming as much, or, we’re getting at least one flashback scene in season 2.

Either way, this kind of intrigue is good news.
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Is anyone new joining the cast?

Yes! Longtime British actress Nina Sosanya and A Discovery of Witches star Edward Bluemel have joined the series as major players. Sally4Ever straight man Julian Barratt will guest star.

Behind the scenes, Emerald Fennell, who will play Camilla Parker Bowles in season 3 of The Crown, has been brought on as lead writer. Fennell will replace Killing Eve’s very busy creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who is also producing Fleabag season 2 and HBO pilot Run right now.

Waller-Bridge and Fennell previously worked together on British series Drifters.
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Is there a Killing Eve season 2 trailer yet?

Nope, so please enjoy this delightful photo of Sandra Oh, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and Jodie Comer for now.

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