Finally, Mercury Has Some Good News For Us

Photographed By Erin Yamagata.
Mercury retrograde may be officially over, but that hardly means that this fleet-footed planet is done making waves this month. As of this Thursday, December 12, Mercury will move from tight-lipped Scorpio to open-minded Sagittarius. If you've been craving a little more conversation (and a little less introspection) you're in for a treat.
Not only does Mercury rule how we communicate, it also governs what sort of information we tend to seek out and, in turn, how we process that info. You can learn about your personal relationship with Mercury by finding your Mercury sign in your birth chart, but the sign that happens to be hosting this planet at the current moment will influence your approach to communication and information, too.
With Mercury in Scorp, talk is cheap — you're more likely to spare the small talk and, instead, cut to the chase and ask others the questions you really want answers to. You may give yourself a similar treatment, questioning your motives, reviewing old decisions and feelings, and generally trying to shed more light on the darker corners of your psyche. Intense? Yes. Ultimately useful if you want to better understand yourself and those around you? Almost definitely yes.
If you've had your fill of dealing with social interactions like a private detective, breathe a sigh of relief, because Mercury rewards a very different sort of behaviour when it's in Scorpio's neighbor, Sagittarius. The sign of the Archer is way too preoccupied with learning new things, meeting new people, and chasing new experiences to worry about strategically probing their inner circle for confidential info. As astrologer Annie Heese writes on her site, Cafe Astrology, we're far more interested in becoming jacks of all trades than spies when Mercury is in Sag.
So, when Mercury makes this move later this week, you may be reminded of past intellectual pursuits that you moved to the back burner (what about all those cook books you bought and history podcasts you downloaded last month?) and feel inspired to get back into them. Or, you may feel more outgoing and eager to share with others. Either way, you'll likely feel reinvigorated and newly excited about the world around you — and why shouldn't you be? Just be sure you aren't neglecting other commitments while getting swept up in this sense of wonder.
Also, keep in mind that Mercury's latest visit to Scorpio lasted less than two weeks, so don't be surprised if you spend the first few days of Mercury's visit in Sag recovering from a bit of celestial whiplash. Take comfort in the fact that the messenger planet will stay firmly in Sag until next month, so you'll have plenty of time to explore and become the renaissance person you've always wanted to be.

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