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What 8 Women Really Want Work To Look Like In A Post-Pandemic World

The other day, I was scrolling through LinkedIn. In between job announcements and networking conversations, one post in particular caught my eye. 
“Do you ever want to go back into the office full-time?” the post asked. The author suggested 'voting' with the ‘celebrate’ emoji (to mean yes), the ‘like’ emoji (to mean no), and the ‘support’ emoji, which symbolised a hybrid. A range of reactions stared back at me.
With thousands of people interacting with this post, it’s clear that this question (among many others) is at the forefront of our minds.
No one could have foreseen just how much the pandemic would change not just the way we live, but the impact it would have on our careers and workplaces forever.
But one of the positives has been that we're starting to see more conversations and changes to improve our working lives across the country, and the proliferation of hybrid workplaces that have resulted in increased work flexibility. 
As a platform for these business conversations, LinkedIn has identified seven thought leaders who are fostering change in the topics important to Australians.
The Changemakers, including Bianca Hunt, Brenda Gaddi, Carly Findlay and Dr Amantha Imber, are leading some of these conversations and enacting change in areas such as disability inclusivity, First Nations representation as well as how the pandemic has allowed us to reinvent our professional lives. 
To learn more about these conversations and this new way of working, we asked some of LinkedIn’s Changemakers as well as regular Australian women from different industries to share what job adaptations they think should stick around once this pandemic is (eventually) over.

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