5 Women Who Don’t Drink Talk Sober Sex

Photographed Eylul Aslan
The idea of having sex with someone for the first time without a bit of Dutch courage can be daunting for some. But when drinking is a huge part of Australian culture, it can be difficult to avoid. Pre-pandemic, dates consisted of cocktails and trips to the pub, and chances were that you'd hit a bar even after a cinema date.
When you're drunk, sex can be a blurry mess but when you're sober, it's alive, raw and somewhat vulnerable. It can take some getting used to and now research has suggested that consuming less alcohol can be better for your sex life by increasing intimacy and giving you more orgasms.
If you're one of the many who are sober curious but unsure of how it'll affect your sex life, we've enlisted some help from five twenty-somethings who have all chosen to quit alcohol.
Ahead, we've asked them how sober sex has changed their lives — sexually, emotionally and physically — and how they are navigating the world of booze-free sex.
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