Cool Factor: 8 Wardrobe Essentials For ‘Going Out’ In Winter

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Despite having experienced 26 of them in my lifetime, every year, without fail, I find myself shocked, confused and outraged by winter. Yes, we live in Australia where even the coldest day pales in comparison to other continents, but that only means we're not as acclimated to the cool weather. Where this really hits us hard is when we're trying to look cute for a winter event or a night out.
Freezing temperatures, ferocious wind and unpredictable rain make about 70% of your wardrobe redundant. But after years in lockdown, we're not resigning ourselves to another season indoors, draped in stained sweats.
Luckily, 26 winters and an iron deficiency will teach you a thing or two about keeping warm. From the right shapes to wear when layering, to overlooked outfit ideas and the truth that some skirts are warmer than jeans, here are eight simple wardrobe hacks to keep in your back pocket when going out in cold weather.
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