These Are Travel TikTok’s Most Watched Destinations

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TikTok isn't just the go-to app for makeup tips, viral photo challenges and breakfast hacks. It's also becoming a hotbed for travel inspo as many of us consider booking international holidays again, at least cautiously.
According to a new study from Superdry, the most-watched city on travel TikTok is New York with a massive 114 million views. In fairness, the city's iconic skyline and instantly recognisable landmarks like the Empire State Building and Central Park do make for great content.
And yes, "Empire State of Mind" is most certainly the song to soundtrack a New York City TikTok with.
Seoul is close behind with 106.5 million views, followed by Dubai with 62.7 million views. With 10.4 million views, London ranks 11th on the list, which Superdry compiled by analysing #travel and various related hashtags on TikTok.
Check out the top ten most-watched cities on travel TikTok below.
1. New York, USA – 114 million views
2. Seoul, South Korea – 106.5 million views
3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 62.7 million views
4. Jakarta, Indonesia – 37.1 million views
5. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – 32.6 million views
6. Paris, France – 27.2 million views
7. Buenos Aires, Argentina - 16.2 million views
8. Tokyo, Japan – 13.1 million views
9. Bogota, Colombia – 12.4 million views
10. Melbourne, Australia – 11 million views
Meanwhile, the most-watched country on travel TikTok is Japan with 461.2 million views – that's over 200 million more than Russia, which is second with 246.6 million views. Mexico is third with 215.3 million views.
Scotland, home to some spectacular beachside Airbnbs and staycation destinations, is the most-watched country in the UK, placing ninth overall with 57.7 million views. Be warned that the TikTok below might make you want to book a Scottish staycation before the year is out...
Check out the top 10 most-watched countries on travel TikTok below.
1. Japan, Asia – 461.2 million views
2. Russia, Europe – 246.6 million views
3. Mexico, North America – 215.3 million views
4. United States of America, North America – 146.3 million views
5. China, Asia – 110.1 million views
6. Vietnam, Asia – 107 million views
7. Italy, Europe – 105.6 million views
8. Thailand, Asia – 95.1 million views
9. Scotland, Europe – 57.7 million views
10. Colombia, South America – 55.8 million views

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