5 Easy & Affordable Hacks Hailey Bieber Swears By For Glowing Skin

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Hailey Bieber's glowing skin is the envy of Celebville, but that doesn't mean her daily beauty routine is complicated. Just like us, the model is open about experiencing skin gripes, from hormonal breakouts and dryness to the odd bout of sensitivity, but being booked and busy for fashion shows and events means she has picked up a handful of easy yet game-changing skincare hacks along the way. The best part? They won't cost you a small fortune.
Ahead, Hailey shares the simple and affordable tricks she swears by for keeping her skin in tip top condition.

Why Hailey will never leave the house without SPF

"My skincare routine is really focussed on hydration, protecting the barrier of my skin and keeping it healthy," Hailey tells R29. "That means lots of hydration and never leaving the house without SPFever." Whether the sun's shining or not, a daily slathering of high factor, broad spectrum sunscreen will help protect skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays, which can cause skin cancer, fine lines, pigmentation and painful burns. R29 loves Ultra Violette's Queen Screen, and Naked Sundays' Collagen Glow Creme. Hailey is a fan of the bareMinerals Skinlongevity range, so if you're looking for a 2-in-1 product, try the Vital Power Moisturiser with SPF 30.
SPF is a must if you're using certain products which can make skin sensitive to sunlight, like retinol. "As I get older, my routine is changing and I'm seeing whether a little bit of retinol is the thing for me," says Hailey. "I'm about to turn 25, so the earlier the better!"

The one skincare product Hailey can't do without

"My skin routine is very gentle, but both morning and night I cleanse my skin," says Hailey, which eradicates traces of makeup and dirt, as well as old skincare sitting on your face from the night before. In fact, the best beauty advice she has ever been given is to use an oil cleanser. "I use an oil cleanser to get my makeup off instead of using really harsh makeup wipes or having to scrub my skin." It's cleansing made easy, says Hailey. "I always found it really hard to find things that were helpful for getting my makeup off, or things that aren't irritating. This is a big game-changer for me and my skin."

The simple hack that keeps Hailey's skin clear

"One rule I always follow in skincare is never, ever, under any circumstance, sleep with makeup on. It's never happened." Hailey always double cleanses at the end of the day, once with her oil and then followed by another wash, making it a 2-step process. "I do a proper full on cleanse," she says. "If I dab my face with a towel after cleansing and see any trace of makeup, I will go and wash it again." The same rule applies to Hailey even when she isn't wearing makeup. "Double cleansing can help break down SPF, which can be thicker and a lot harder to get off at the end of the day," she says. "I did a lot of skincare research when we were in lockdown during the pandemic and that's actually where I figured out the double cleansing system. I haven't stopped since."
Follow an oil cleanse with a second cleanse to make sure no residue or makeup is sitting on your skin afterwards.

The one thing Hailey does for flawless makeup

"The way that you set up your skin is really important, so it's always good to have a great base that enhances the glow of makeup," says Hailey, who uses the bareMinerals Original Liquid Mineral Foundation, in shade Golden Medium 14. She also loves using the Skinlongevity Long Life Herb Serum, to prep her skin under makeup. "That's a must for me," Hailey says. "Other than that, a really good highlighter is important for good, glowing makeup. I like to apply highlighter on the tip and bridge of my nose, right above my cheekbones and then I take it up into my eyebrow bone."
When it comes to seamless makeup application, Hailey ditches brushes and sponges. "I use my hands, so tapping, sweeping and blending motions with my fingers. In general, they're the easiest tools for blending." When it comes to makeup, less is more for Hailey. "I don't feel like myself if I've used too much makeup or eyeliner, and I want my skin to be able to breathe." When doing her own makeup away from set, it's simply some concealer, brow gel, cheek tint, a little lip product and maybe mascara if she's feeling it that day.

Hailey's concealer trick hides dark circles and eye bags

While Hailey admits she isn't much of a TikTok fan, she loves Pinterest, and recently discovered a clever concealer hack for hiding dark circles: "You only put some concealer in the inner corner of your eye and the outer part of your eye and blend. It has a lifting effect and I'm hooked on that right now."

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