Kylie Jenner On Her “Out Of This World” Perfume Debut

Photo: Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics.
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If you've ever wondered what Kylie Jenner smells like, you can finally find out for yourself. The 26-year-old beauty mogul has entered the popular perfume chat with Cosmic by Kylie Jenner, a fragrance that she tells Refinery29 is "out of this world." According to Jenner, it took two years to develop her perfect scent — a rich, "intoxicating" fragrance with notes of fresh star jasmine, citrusy blood orange, warm amber accord, sweet vanilla musk and warm cedar wood. While Jenner, a self-proclaimed perfectionist, could have kept working on it, she says, "it came to a point where I was like, I love it, everyone loves, I have to just hit go. I have to do this."
Ahead, Jenner shares more insight into why she decided to enter the crowded fragrance category, the scent memory that influenced Cosmic's notes and how she hopes her kids remember her scent.
Photo: Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics.
The following interview was told to Sara Tan and edited for length and clarity.
Describe your fragrance in three words.
Dreamy. Sophisticated. Unforgettable.
What made you want to launch a fragrance?
I had such an amazing time collaborating with my sister when I did those collaborative three fragrances with her and it was such a success and so much fun. I think it was long overdue. We’ve been working on it for over two years, so I just feel like it couldn’t be a better time.
Why the name Cosmic?
Cosmic was actually a name we used as the working name. We always called it Cosmic and it kind of stuck. I just imagine this world around my fragrance and the bottle and it all just came together. I really wanted something out of this world and the bottle is very sculptural and it stuck.
Do you have a standout scent memory?
Growing up, my mum always gravitated toward the same scent. She always smelled so amazing and floral. It definitely was an inspiration for my fragrance to be a floral fragrance, because it was nostalgic to me.
You said it took you two years — do you think this was harder than any other beauty product to develop?
I do think so because I’ve never done it before. I felt the pressure to appeal to a lot of people and I feel like every fragrance is very personal and I think everyone has their own relationship with it. It probably could’ve come out sooner. When I landed on my favourite scent, I sent it to my Kylie Cosmetics team. I had a B and a C scent that I also really like. I was doing lots of blind tests and this one just always came out on top and just resonated with the most people. It was just meant to be.
Photo: Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics.
We have such an emotional connection to fragrance — do you want people to feel a certain type of way when they wear your perfume?
I wanted something intoxicating without being overpowering. I wanted people to feel beautiful and I wanted it to be that fragrance in your collection that you keep gravitating towards.
How do you like to wear your perfume?
Our spray is like a mist, so it gives you a lot of product. I like to do two mists on my clothes, one on the side of my neck, and my wrists sometimes. I don’t think I need to reapply this one, but I always have my travel fragrance with me.
What are your thoughts on the trend we've been seeing of people wearing perfume to bed — is this something you do?
I’ve never heard of this trend. I have to look this up. It’s not something I do, but maybe I’ll give it a try. I feel like I have to now that I have my own fragrance.
Another trend we’ve been seeing a lot is fragrance layering. Do you like to do that with your favorite perfumes or this one even?
I don’t like to do it with this fragrance, but ever since we’ve made our lotion, it’s all I’ve worn since we developed it. We just came out with a new vanilla scent. I always get tons of compliments on this one. Even this morning, I worked out and I had my lotion on under and I got in the car with Kendall and she was like, "Is this your fragrance, you smell amazing?" And I said, "This is just my lotion!" So I’ll do that first and then I like to spray my perfume. I would consider that layering.
What a compliment to smell good after your workout!
I know, after my workout!
Where do you keep your fragrances? Any advice for storing?
I keep them in my bathroom by my sink. I have a tray. I like them there because it’s a part of my routine after I put my lotion on. I also like to look at them.
How do you want your kids to remember you scent?
I hope they have that same feeling like how I feel with my mum. Just very nostalgic and I obviously want them to love my scent.
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