Everything You Need For A Grown Up Tool Kit (For All That DIY You Have Planned)

Courtesy of Zara Home.
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DIY is intimidating. There, I said it. If you've never given it a go, working out how to successfully Do It Yourself (whether that's fix a sink, build a shelf or mend a bed) can feel as confusing as reading Ikea instructions in Swedish. The potential for it to go wrong or, worse, get boring and leave you stuck with a half-made bookcase, seems too much.
And yet, DIY has become more popular than ever. According to one ONS survey the average amount of time spent on DIY and gardening had increased 143% in the first few months of lockdown. And while this number dropped by October 2020, levels still remained higher than they did in 2014-2015.
Despite its intimidating nature, by definition, anyone can do DIY (in theory). All you need is access to some YouTube videos, a bit of confidence, and the right tools.
That's where we come in. We have assembled the perfect essentials toolkit for those who want to be handy around the house but don't quite know how to start. Each piece is as practical and long-lasting as it is stylish.

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