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5 Tips For Hosting A TikTok-Worthy Dinner Party

Last May, my friend (and colleague) Allie Daisy King invited me and a few other friends to her home for a dinner party. As a group, we’d decided on a French theme – the weather was cooling down and we fancied cheese and crème brulée. 
Whilst I knew that Allie had an eye for detail and great taste, my jaw dropped when I saw the tablescape.
A red candy-striped tablecloth donned the dining table. Purple napkins with red and yellow accents sat perfectly underneath the silverware. Allie had taken the time to individually hand draw menus for the four of us, detailing our entrees (French onion soup), mains (ratatouille) and dessert (crème brulée). 
We spent the evening chatting, sharing bottles of wine and listening to Folklore on vinyl. Essentially, it was heaven. It also received over 200K views on TikTok. Clearly, it hit an aesthetic-worthy chord with viewers.
Since then, Allie’s thrown an Italian-themed dinner party and a Miffy-themed dinner party. Each one is thoughtful, generous and utterly grown up. 
To learn more about being the hostess with the mostess, Refinery29 Australia asked Allie for her tips on throwing the dinner party of your dreams. 

Curate a vibe 

As a twenty-something in the cost of living crisis, Allie prefers affordable pieces over expensive investments.
I’m not one to spend too much money on plates and dishes as I am quite clumsy and worry that they will break. I often go for cute but relatively inexpensive options.”
If you’re looking for homewares that won’t break your budget, Kmart has a number of trending pieces that will elevate your dinner party to the next level. 
Of course, you can just cook a meal and sit down with your pals sans decoration or dress up, but deciding on a vibe or aesthetic of the party can also make planning more fun. For Allie, trawling Pinterest and Instagram is where inspiration strikes. 
“So much of my inspiration is from Pinterest. If I see a pretty image of whipped cream in a fun dish, I will be calling the girlies and forcing them to let me make them crème caramels with whipped cream to fulfil that desire.” 
“I also think that Jessica Nguyen’s is the queen of dinner parties and table spreads so she is my forever inspiration.”
When it comes to mood lighting, Allie suggests candles and lamps to create ambience. The big light is a big no-no. 
“I believe that mood lighting is vital, as is a good playlist.”

Prepare early

The key in Allie’s dinner party success, she says, is preparation. The host plans her recipes in advance, citing Julia Busuttil Nishimura as a big inspiration, and ensures her tablecloth and napkins are prepped and ironed. 
“I know, I am lazy too, but it really makes such a difference.” 

Ask your guests to chip in 

Yes, eating at home is cheaper than spending $100+ on a restaurant. But, if you’re the host, those groceries can add up – quickly. Allie suggests your guests supply the drinks, or, even better, chip in with an entree or dish themselves. 
“A lot of women can no longer afford to go out and spend on a nice dinner. But if everyone brings something to the table (literally) then it makes socialising much more cost-effective,” Allie says.
“And if rent is going to be expensive, you may as well spend time at your home!”
If you're looking for more pieces that can help you host a dinner party – without the expensive investment – check out Kmart's new Living Range.
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