Hat Season Is Finally Upon Us — Here Are 6 Styles We’ll Be Shopping

Our obsession with headgear spans far and wide in the history books. From Renoir-worthy millinery to occupational uniforms and symbols of the working class, the accessory's place in our wardrobes has always gone beyond its function. And of course, they've had their time in the sun, dipping in and out of the trend cycle throughout the decades.
But while we love to admire them, we tend to just reach for whatever hat we already have lying around that has managed to stay in one piece throughout the years. Not this season.
2021 has seen somewhat of a hat renaissance.
A huge presence at New York Fashion Week, both in designer collections and throughout street style, hats are trendier than ever and we're very much on board with the particular styles we're seeing in spades. From the controversial resurrection of the Y2k trucker, to the modern renditions of the bucket hat, the rise in headwear has been monumental. But even though they're trending, they're certainly not a one and done item.
Keeping the sun off your face in summer, and your head warm in the winter, a hat is a timeless wardrobe staple that isn't likely to set you back financially, and one you'll always get good mileage out of, no matter the price point.
So if you too are feeling the unexpected itch to become a hat person, read on for the six hat styles worth investing in now.

The Towelling Hat

The retro revival has seen towelling fabrics go from the beach to the streets thanks to brands like Terry. The trick to pulling these off is to opt for a slightly oversized fit that can be turned up. We love that they almost exclusively come in vibrant colours.

The Dad Cap 

It took some convincing, but we are well and truly attuned to the sartorial power of a classic cap. Pair with a loose button-down shirt and shorts, or sweats and a trench coat in the winter, and you're good to go.

The Chic Bucket

Bucket hats have reigned season after season, but we're moving on to more minimalist versions like Hailey Bieber's Jacquemus' bucket. Look to wider-brimmed versions in canvas fabrics to make this vintage style feel more modern.

The Trucker

Immortalised by Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie during their The Simple Life era, the trucker is one of the more controversial '00s trends that has made an unexpected return to our wishlists, thanks to trendsetters like Rihanna and Dua Lipa.

The Straw Cone

Keeping a low profile? No problem. The cone hat not only offers unmatched sun protection but instantly elevates your go-to linen looks. The summer season ahead begs for raffia and straw styles.

The Crochet Beanie

A hat/beanie hybrid that we never thought would make it out of the '90s, this style has been revived thanks to Instagram-born brands like Memorial Day that celebrities like Bella Hadid and Ella Emhoff can't get enough of.

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