How The Fuzzy Bucket Hat Revolutionised My Winter Outfits

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Nothing excites me more than winter shopping. 
While in our minds, summer fashion consists of flirty dresses, polished tailored short suits and strappy heels, the reality is that most of us are overheated, sweaty, and tend to end up reaching for the same cutoff shorts and an old t-shirt. Winter is a different story. Chic coats, funky knitwear, and my personal favourite, sleek trousers, are all everyday prospects, and that fills me with joy.  
But it’s safe to say that our headwear options don't evoke the same kind of excitement. Sure, the beanie is a seasonal staple, but what if there was a better option? A fun-ner option? Allow us to re-introduce you to the fuzzy bucket hat. 
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You may have seen this bad boy make the rounds on your Instagram feeds in recent seasons, but it's never quite made it to the forefront of my sartorial thoughts.
Though it’s long been spotted on the likes of Rihanna (duh) and plenty of brazen style bloggers, this quirky throwback piece was once seen as a statement accessory, an It-item for the daring — not so wearable for the rest of us. But thanks to style icons like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, we’re starting to see the fuzzy bucket hat’s versatile appeal and it may just change how you get dressed in winter.
Paired with a fitted camel coat, sneakers, and a baguette bag, Jenner proved how minimalists can wear the trend in an understated way that still screams ‘cool’.
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Taking a different approach, Hadid wore a muted grey iteration that perfectly complemented the vintage aesthetic of her brown leather and retro tweed getup.
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Hailey Bieber got the message too but went a little bolder. She rocked a monochromatic marigold look that demonstrated how the hat could be worn back with your workwear for a smart/casual feel. Basically, the possibilities are endless.
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The beauty of the fuzzy hat is that they won’t have the same flattening impact that beanies often do, a win for those of us susceptible to static hair. And, not only will they not be the direct cause of your bad hair days, they can also disguise one. 
Even if you're not one for statement pieces, iterations of the trending hat range from subtle teddy-textured styles to more eccentric shapes like Rihanna's moss green Emma Brewin moment.
They come in an array of colours, shapes, and textures that offer plenty of options for everyone at purse-friendly prices. Brimmed versions offer sun protection and neutral-toned options are perfect for those who want to keep it subtle, they’re really just the proverbial cherry on top of any outfit. Trust me, throw one into the mix of any stock outfit and you'll find they really are a secret weapon in the fight to keep winter looks interesting.
To grab hold of this new season must-have, peep our picks below. 

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