The R29 Guide To Exploring South Australia This Spring

If the thought of seeing yet another Euro trip photo dump on Instagram makes you feel some kind of way, then, same. But the good news is, even if you're not quite ready to brave international travel just yet, there are heaps of amazing places in our own country that are just begging to be seen.
The R29 team is hitting one state at a time. The Northern Territory? Check. South Australia? Up next. I've made a list of must-do activities for my upcoming trip, based on my own research and conversations with South Australian friends. Adelaide, the Barossa Valley and Clare Valley have been on my travel wishlist forever, and spring/summer feels like the perfect time to visit.
Whether you're looking for a restaurant in the city, a cycling trail or an Indigenous cultural experience, there are plenty of amazing spots in South Australia. Here are eight that made our list.
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