The Juiciest Tidbits From Prince Harry’s New Memoir Spare

After a string of interviews, a Netflix documentary with wife Meghan Markle and now, his new book Spare, Prince Harry has left no stone unturned in his attempt to share his truth about the reality of being in the Royal Family in his own words.
Released on January 11 in Australia, The Duke of Sussex's ghostwritten memoir has flown off the shelf in the UK, with his publisher sharing that the only other books to have sold more on their first day starred "the other Harry" — yes, the boy who lived.
Reviews for Spare have been harsh, so far. The BBC called the "part confession, part rant and part love letter" the "weirdest book ever written by a royal", while the Guardian dubbed it a "flawed attempt to reclaim the narrative".
It's easy to see why, with snippets from the early release in Spain making their way onto the internet, promptly turning into a meme for the niche details he shares about his personal life.
Australians can get their hands on a copy at most bookstores, via Amazon for eBook readers, or narrated by the man himself on Audible.
As can be expected, the 38-year-old uses this book to expand on his thoughts about the British press and paparazzi, his grief over the death of his mother Princess Diana, and the strained relationship between himself and his father and brother in the last couple of years. However, the royal also delves into the nitty gritty of his world.
From horses to sex scenes, the divisive tell-all is bound to have you gripped. Ahead, catch the top seven takeaways from the disruptive release.

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