Perfect Match: 34 Couple Nail Art Ideas For You & Your Beau

Image via: @nailsxrenee/Instagram
Watch out matching tattoos — there's a new sheriff in town that's proving to be a more versatile and less permanent expression of love. Couple nail art is on the rise, helping partners spend time with one another, and looking oh-so-cute holding hands with the finished product.
On TikTok, videos of boyfriends taking the plunge and embracing nail art have racked up millions of views and even more in likes, but what we really love about matching sets is that they're for everyone. So, next time you're booking in for your next appointment, make it for two and take your partner, wife, husband, girlfriend, lover, situationship, best friend or one-night stand. There are quite literally no rules.
Ahead, check out 34 manicure art designs to show your nail tech the next time you bring your lover to the salon. The best part? You could try them all if you wanted to.
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