My Chemical Romance’s New Makeup Is Inspired By The Black Parade

Photo Courtesy of My Chemical Romance x Hipdot.
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Many a black eyeliner-streaked, emo tear was shed when My Chemical Romance’s first collaboration with beauty brand HipDot — the Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge makeup collection — sold out in just a minute. Even more so when the follow-up drop (Danger Days: The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys) did just the same a year later. Almost as many tears, we imagine, as when the iconic band (formed by Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero and Ray Toro) released new music this year for the first time in eight years.
If you, too, were left in your own puddle, it’s time to wipe away the tears. MCR x HipDot is back, this time with The Black Parade collection, available for pre-order from Thursday the 14th of July.
Inspired by MCR’s biggest (and arguably most iconic) album, the collection leans heavily into Y2K nostalgia. Just like MCR’s previous Three Cheers and Danger Days collections, this drop is not only limited edition but there’s also an option to pre-order the Collector’s Box, $74 (approximately AUD $108). This features all of the products and will be live on HipDot’s website from 14th July to 24th July.
So what can you expect? As with both previous launches, the star of the show is the Bury Me In All My Favourite Colours palette, packaged up like a CD case (remember those?). Each of the eight shades is embossed with the album’s mascot, a skeletal marching band member named Pepe. And boy, are these some colours, from Tragic Affair (a shimmery, copper foil) to Mama (a punchy blood-red). It's worthy of the big themes that the dramatic rock-opera explores (love, life and death) as well as its career-defining songs (think swaggering youth anthem "Teenagers" and emo’s own "Bohemian Rhapsody", the epic "Welcome To The Black Parade").
Paired with this is a white Embossed Body Paint so you can fully embody the deathly Black Parade vibe, and a set of three lipsticks, each named for one of the characters in the "WTTBP" music video: Fear (a bruised, brownish red), Regret (asphalt grey) and Mother War (a classic nude). The Black Parade Mama Lipstick Set is matte (ghostly processions don’t do gloss, apparently) but the lipsticks are infused with argan oil, shea and vitamin E to keep lips hydrated.
Unlike previous collections, this drop doesn’t just include makeup. A selection of enamel pins based on iconic artwork by illustrator James Jean means you can mark yourself as a member of the MCR parade. On offer is the Pepe Pin, and a four-piece Black Parade Pin Set, $28 (approximately AUD $41), also sold separately.
Pre-orders will be shipped in December 2022 and January 2023, and shipping is available to Australia. All this makes securing your own piece of The Black Parade collection that bit fairer.
Set to be a sellout success, you’ll want to act fast on this one.
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