You Could Make Serious Bank By Selling These 10 Clothing Brands On eBay

Selling your old clothes is a powerful way to help slow the ever-hungry fast-fashion train and contribute to the circular-fashion economy instead. We don't need to tell you that.
If you’ve managed to keep your clothes in good condition over time but have slowly grown out of love with them, sending them on to a new home is a conscious option for those of us who aren’t DIY-inclined enough to upcycle. Not to mention the immensely therapeutic sensation derived from a decluttered wardrobe. 
Last year, women's fashion was eBay's most popular category for sales. Within that, the top-selling brands — according to eBay's 2020 data shared with Refinery29 Australia — included primarily local designers. Spell and Aje resell for $184 and $103, respectively, for example, and household favourite Country Road was the most frequently searched brand on the platform, with shoppers searching for these brands every five seconds.
Here’s a breakdown of the 10 most popular brands on eBay in Australia right now and their average resale price, in order of the most searched.

Country Road - $36 

Gorman - $74 

Zimmerman - $187 

Spell - $184 

Witchery - $28 

Aje - $103 

Cue - $30

Review - $45

City Chic - $26 

Zara - $23

There’s clearly some extra cash to be made here if you’re looking to sell your pre-loved garments. eBay's data also revealed that one in 10 Australian sellers had made over $10,000 selling their items online in the last year.
An extra hot tip? Australian buyers are most active between the hours of 7pm and 9pm, so listing your pieces during that time could lead to some extra success.
It's likely there's a hidden gem lying somewhere in your wardrobe — we're all guilty of forgetting about a killer shirt or matching set that never made it in the real world. It can be a bit of a process to sell your clothes online, but it's much easier to sell and ship these days, and anything that positively contributes to less landfill is worth it.


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