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5 Australian Women On What It Takes To Run A Marathon

Last year I put my body and mind to the test when I ran my first ever half-marathon. While running 21 kilometres in one go felt like an important milestone, I’d heard whispers from people in the running community that ticking off marathons is addictive.
I didn’t really believe them until recently, when I started to wonder if I should aim for a full marathon this year. But running 21 kilometres was hard. It took all of my willpower, strength and hours out of my schedule each week for months to be able to cross the finish line. And while I gained a personal best, I still took three hours to complete it. Can I run double that distance by the end of the year? 
Rather than getting in my own head about it, I turned to the running community to hear how they managed to run a marathon and what secrets they might have up their sleek activewear sleeves. From finding the perfect running shoes (the Ultra Boost 22 are my personal faves), to learning from your mistakes, here are five runners on how they achieved marathon status.
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