We Asked 8 Couples How They Split Their Money Each Month

Talking about money can be awkward. And when you're swept up in the excitement of new love, it's tempting to avoid the serious stuff. The honeymoon phase all but ensures that romance and date nights take precedence over conversations about money – but it turns out that for relationships to thrive, we need to talk about it. 
According to a survey by Relationship Australia, 26% of people hadn't discussed their financial situation prior to committing to their most recent partner. And with financial disagreements being a strong predictor of divorce and separation, getting your money in order as a couple can make or break you. 
All this is to say that talking about expenses, and figuring out shared bank accounts and where your money is going as a couple is important, not just for your relationship’s sake but for your mental and financial independence as well. 
With budgeting apps making it easier to set financial goals together and see where your money is being spent, talking about money for couples is becoming more accessible.
From credit card debt to saving for a mortgage, we spoke with eight couples to learn more about how Australians are dealing with their money in their relationships.

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