From Side Parts To Pixie Mullets, These Will Be The Biggest Hair Trends For 2023

"New year, new me" — it's a thought plenty of us have as another lap around the sun ends and a new one begins. This rings especially true when it comes to hair and lucky for us, 2023's hair trends are looking damn fine.
We consulted Sydney-based hairstylist Amanda Tua for her predictions on the hairstyles about to blow up. While cuts are set to be dramatic, colour is interestingly low-key — so if getting a major chop makes you anxious, never fear, perhaps a casual semi-permanent that can fade out fast will be more your vibe.
But our advice? Make 2023 your own and reinvent yourself c/o a new hairstyle. Worst case, you get really into headbands. Best case? You feel like you've evolved.
Follow us through for 2023's top hair trends.
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