7 Easy And Creative Gin & Tonic Recipes

In Australia, gin is kind of a big deal, particularly with spring in full bloom and the promise of warmer days ahead. This gives everyone an excuse to pour themselves a G&T, a dirty martini, a Negroni or just pour some lovely gin over some ice (yes, it can taste good).
But our personal favourite has to be the gin and tonic, a perfect blend of bitter and a touch of sweetness, the glass packed with ice, and a soft blue glow from Indian tonic. It's a year-round drink but best enjoyed in the heat, when nothing else will taste so refreshing.
Gone are the days when a mere slither of lemon or lime will suffice; now many bars offer a selection of garnishes from grapefruit to rosemary. But if you're looking for something a little more adventurous, we've done the science-y research to come up with six easy twists on the classic.
All recipes are based on 50ml of your chosen gin and 200ml tonic (unless otherwise stated), but adjust according to taste. Fill the glass with as much ice as you can fit, which decreases the chance of melting, keeping your drink colder for longer. Cheers!
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