10 Aussie Women On The Easy Sustainable Swaps They’ve Made

We’re more aware than ever of how our actions can impact the planet. With historic floods and other 'one-in-a-lifetime' weather events becoming more common, there’s never been a better time to start making positive changes to our everyday habits.
The proof is in the pudding — the United Nations found that if 1 billion people globally take practical action in their own lives, global carbon emissions could see a 20% reduction.
And living more ethically doesn’t have to mean uprooting yourself and living off the grid. It's easier than ever for consumers to make considered decisions — we have eco-friendly options for everything from the products we use to clean up after dinner to sneakers (aim for at least 50% recycled material like these New Balance 574s).

If you’re looking for some inspiration (after all, it was just Earth Day) to make small tweaks in your day-to-day, here’s how ten Aussie women are leading more eco-friendly lives.
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