10 Australians Share Their Absolutely Heinous Coworker Horror Stories

We all know that work is never just about what's on your job description. Who you spend 38 hours a week with matters, and though we grimace at the phrase 'work is family,' a part of that rings true: just like when you're at a distant relative's Christmas party, you might be forced to interact with all kinds of people — some that you like, and others, not so much — through no choice of your own.
Workplaces can inspire the strongest of friendships (some people even work with their best friend, for better or worse). But navigating a professional setting with colleagues can often be difficult: knowing how to compliment them, apologise to them and resolve conflict with them can feel like learning a whole new language.
And sometimes, these relationships don't work out. Some coworkers can incite annoyance, frustration and resentment. At the worst end of the scale, ableism, racism and sexism can pervade work relationships.
From clipping their nails in an open-plan office to textbook bullying, Refinery29 Australia readers share some of their worst coworker horror stories.
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