I Dyed My Blonde Hair Mermaid Blue

If you've been faux blonde for a long time and you're itching to do something different than routine highlights at your next salon appointment, now may be the perfect time to consider creative colour. During peak pandemic times, we saw a rise in pastel pink, with temporary colour dyes flying off the shelves. But this summer, as we get back a little normalcy, we're seeing an uptick in mermaid blue.
In today's episode of Refinery29's YouTube series Hair Me Out, we watch client Kat Stier transform her blonde-highlighted hair to an electric aqua blue. The inspiration comes from Hilary Duff, who dyed her blonde hair cotton-candy blue back in February, but Steir's end result is even flashier — and really makes her blue eyes pop.
For her hair-colour makeover, Stier books an appointment with L.A.-based colourist Mindy Nam, who specialised in "muted metallic hair," tones like silver, shiny lavender, pink, and pastel blue. For Stier specifically, Nam takes her Hilary Duff inspiration, and gives it a little twist by adding purple through the ends.
The entire process is quick. Nam first bleaches Stier's hair using an ammonia-free lightener, tones it to an all-over denim blue, then custom blends three different dyes to create a kind of tri-chrome aqua over the hair.
Three hours later, Stier gets to see her finished color. "Are you serious?" she exclaims excitedly, floored by Nam's artistry and the way the colour suits her personality. "I'm completely blown away; I already feel bright and more confident — like I have my oomph back."

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