The Biggest Pay Cut 10 Aussies Have Taken & Why

Celebrating pay rises and promotions comes naturally to us. Hooray! New titles, more money! Chatting about pay decreases and demotions, however, can be awkward.
It needn't be, though. Salary transparency might be a daunting concept, but it's an important step towards pay equality.
We asked the Refinery29 Australia community about the biggest pay cut they have taken. For some, taking a lower salary has actually helped them move up in their career and immensely improved their mental health; it's more proof that money isn't the thing that makes employees happiest in the workplace.
On the flip side, hindsight has solidified to some that they are worth more than the measly salaries once offered. Everyone's salary stories are different and what might look like a setback on the outside, could actually be a blessing in disguise.
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