Spiritual Gifts To Take You Higher, From Tarot Decks To Crystal Collections

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Shopping for spiritual people is all about intention and energy — you can’t overthink it. If you feel like a particular present is going to be the one true joy-sparker, then it probably is. That's your intuition, baby. And, while it's not necessary to have stuff to explore practices like meditation and divination, it's fun for aspiring astrologists or crystal collectors to receive a token that will help them hone their obsession. The right gift can even launch someone on their healing journey, just like The Modern Tarot deck did for me.
It can be overwhelmingly difficult, though, to choose exactly what to gift those free-spirited peeps on your list. The thousands of options on Etsy, Amazon, and beyond prove that the world of spiritual gewgaws is vast and overwhelming — so if you still don't know where to start on your shopping path, this is the comprehensive guide for you. We've broken down every conceivable category of celestial gift, so keep on scrolling to see our recommendations (straight from a baby witch themself) of the best meditation and spiritual treasures for everyone on your list. From crystals and jewellery to tarot decks and candles, there are over 30 options ahead that will send your recipient straight into the stratosphere.


There's no safer starter choice than crystals. From a big chunk of rose quartz (invoking unconditional love) or celestite (to promote inner peace) to a wide array of multicoloured geodes, your giftee — whether a rookie rockhound or a seasoned stone collector — will delight in the chance to bring fresh energy into their assortment.

Tarot Decks

Whether your friend is merely card-curious or if they have a stack of sets (*raises hand*), a brand new tarot deck is a no-brainer. Make sure you understand your giftee, though — the cards carry energy and power and can be interpreted differently depending on the person. The Modern Witch deck is perfect for beginners, boasting art from the original Rider-Waite tarot with a modern twist; while the options from Etsy are often minimal, perfect for more experienced readers that already have a collection.

Oracle Decks

Lacking the traditional Rider-Waite illustrations and meanings found throughout most (if not, all) Tarot decks, Oracle decks are 100% one-of-a-kind. One is not like the other — Every one of these decks has its own symbolism, guidebooks, motifs, and meanings. It's a great second option for those in your friend group with too many Tarot decks, as these cards can be read alongside Tarot to enhance the message. On the other hand, if your giftee is merely deck-curious and is overwhelmed by learning the Tarot cards' meanings, these oracle decks are fantastic for beginners and easy to understand.


The classic gift with a spiritual twist. From evil eye protection bracelets and earrings to zodiac necklaces and birthstone rings, there's something here for everyone on your list. Even if your giftee is a little more witch-y and works with deities, they'll go crazy for the Common Era goddess necklace, adorned with the images from Greek mythology and set with precious stones.


A home isn't a home without candles. Whether your recipient is into crystal-infused cleansing, chakra meditation, tarot, or the zodiac, there's an interest-appropriate candle on our list. A votive with a spiritual twist will offer better energy than an overpriced, questionably scented bougie choice.


From beginner crystal healing and iconic astrology encyclopaedias to chakra meditation and lunar magic guides, books make the perfect gift for anyone on a spiritual quest.
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